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Meet your ultimate ally in the vibrant landscapes of Poland: a seasoned, fiercely independent fixer and local producer, stationed amidst the cultural richness of Krakow or the bustling energy of Warsaw. With a repertoire of skills honed through years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide, navigating the intricate maze of logistics and connections with unwavering determination.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for journalism and film, I approach each project with a fervor that knows no bounds. Whether it’s orchestrating the intricate dance of production logistics or delving deep into the heart of research, I pledge to shepherd your vision from inception to triumphant fruition. Stubbornness, in my lexicon, is merely another word for perseverance—a quality that ensures no challenge is insurmountable.

From the moment you entrust your project to my care, expect nothing short of personalized dedication and unwavering enthusiasm. Complexity isn’t a deterrent—it’s an invitation to excel. Whether you’re seeking the perfect backdrop for a cinematic masterpiece or unraveling the threads of a compelling narrative, rest assured, the journey will be nothing short of exhilarating.

As your Polish fixer, I extend an open invitation: How can I assist you? From facilitating seamless film shoots to sourcing elusive characters or navigating the labyrinth of political corridors, consider me your conduit to the heart of Poland’s diverse tapestry. With over a decade of navigating the nuances of this vibrant land, I stand as a testament to reliability and trustworthiness.

Join the ranks of esteemed international media giants, agencies, and brands who have entrusted their visions to the expertise of Polish Fixer. Regardless of the project’s magnitude or complexity, my commitment remains unwavering. Together, let’s weave narratives that transcend borders and captivate audiences worldwide.


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