Job Description

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About the position

New South Lawyers are looking to engage a costs solicitor to assist the firm – focusing primarily in managing the recovery of its legal costs.

In undertaking this work, you will liaise with either or both of the directors and other staff to advise and to act in relation to costs assessments (within the New South Wales costs assessment system), taxations of costs (within various federal courts) including in commencing those proceedings, and also advising in relation to reviews and appeals from those decisions at first instance.

In addition to advising the firm concerning their rights of recovery, you will also be required to commence and conduct legal proceedings instituted by the law practice for the recovery of costs. Your particular costs-related experience, as well as your experience in general litigation, will be used to assist in obtaining strategic outcomes in a timely fashion.

Part of the role will also require an understanding of various procedures necessary to enforce determinations made, as well as a working knowledge of the processes provided by the Bankruptcy Act 1966 and Part 5.4 of the Corporations Act 2001.

This position may be offered as a flexible hybrid model. Allowing you to work remotely and in-office.


Key Responsibilities

Preparing Letters of Demand, pleadings and evidence

  • Accurately outline the amount owed, the date the debt was incurred, and any relevant terms of the contract or agreement.
  • Provide options for payment or settlement plans, encouraging the debtor to contact the creditor to resolve the issue amicably.
  • Briefing counsel and ensuring all details for court advocacy and legal argumentation is provided.
  • Liaising with the Accounts department and Chief Financial Officer in firm-related legal costs recovery matters.

Preparing Statements of Claim, Course of Action, the Nature and the Amount of the Claim

  • Draft comprehensive statements of claim which include the legal grounds for the claim, the factual background, and the specific relief sought.
  • Clearly outline the legal basis for the claim, referencing applicable laws and precedents.
  • Precisely calculate and document the amount claimed, including principal debt, interest, and any other costs or damages being sought.
  • Ensure that all documents comply with court requirements and are filed within the statute of limitations and other relevant deadlines.

Preparing Cost Statements and Bills of Costs

  • Drafting and preparing detailed cost statements and bills of costs for party-party and solicitor-client assessments or taxations, as the case may be.
  • Ensuring accuracy and compliance with relevant legislation, court rules, and practice directions.
  • Preparing either solicitor-client assessment applications or applications for the assessment of ordered costs, as well as applications for review.
  • Drafting narratives included in the front of bills or itemisations of costs for assessment applications which will involve examining and analysing legal files, invoices, and disbursements in order to set out contextual information a costs assessor might require to know to advance the assessment in either a Costs Applicant’s or Costs Respondent’s interests – including with reference to the statutory criteria and how the material considered in the assessment meets any or all of those criteria.
  • Preparing submissions for the purposes of costs assessments, reviews and compiling the “record” as the evidence relied upon in any appeal proceeding taken from the decision of a review panel.

Negotiations and enforcement of judgment

  • Develop and implement negotiation strategies aimed at achieving settlement without court intervention.
  • Facilitate mediation or arbitration sessions if both parties are amenable to alternative dispute resolution methods.
  • Draft and review settlement agreements to ensure they are legally binding and enforceable, as required.
  • Enforcement of judgments.
  • Inform the firm at each stage of the process, providing updates and advice on the progress and next steps.

Court Appearances and Advocacy

  • Representing the firm in costs-related proceedings, including applications for cost orders and taxation hearings.
  • Advocating on behalf of the firm during costs hearings and providing clear, persuasive arguments to support cost claims.
  • Preparation of Submissions and Pleadings (where required).

Advising on Costs Law and Procedure

  • Offering expert advice to the firm on all aspects of costs law, including the implications of recent legal developments.
  • Assisting legal teams in understanding cost implications and strategies for cost-effective litigation.

Compliance and Ethical Standards

  • Ensuring compliance with professional conduct rules and ethical standards in all costs-related activities.
  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of costs law, regulations, and court rules in NSW.


Skills and Qualifications

1. Analytical and Research Skills

  • Strong analytical abilities to assess and interpret complex legal documents and financial information.
  • Proficiency in legal research to stay informed about changes in costs law and practice.

2.   Communication and Negotiation Skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for drafting detailed cost statements and engaging in negotiations.
  • Effective advocacy skills for representing the firm in court and during costs assessments.

3.  Attention to Detail and Accuracy

  • High level of attention to detail to ensure precise and accurate cost calculations and documentation.
    Commitment to thoroughness in reviewing legal files and preparing cost claims.

4.   Organisational and Time Management Skills

  • Strong organisational skills to manage multiple cases and deadlines efficiently.
  • Ability to prioritise tasks and work under pressure to meet court timelines and the firm’s expectations.

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