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Legal Aid Queensland’s (LAQ) vision is to be a leader in a fair justice system where people are able to understand and protect their legal rights. Our purpose is to provide quality, cost effective legal services to financially disadvantaged people throughout Queensland.

LAQ is one of Queensland’s largest law practices employing over 800 staff in 14 offices across the state. While most of our work is focused on providing legal services in criminal, family and civil law, our workforce includes many other roles including social workers, policy officers, grants officers, IT, HR, finance, procurement, communication, along with our contact centre and front counter staff – to name just a few.

LAQ’s workforce vision is to be a great place to work where our people are respected, valued, safe and supported. Our highly skilled workforce embraces diversity, flexibility, learning and continuous improvement to deliver quality legal services. LAQ applies the leadership competencies for Queensland through the delivery of the leadership pathways program and other programs and initiatives.

Our services include:

  • Community legal education and information
  • Legal advice and task assistance
  • Duty lawyer services
  • Lawyer assisted dispute resolution
  • Representation in courts and tribunals.