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Legal Aid NSW is a statewide organisation providing legal services to socially and economically disadvantaged people across NSW. We are the largest legal aid commission in Australia and employ over 1,300 staff. We deliver legal services in most areas of criminal, family and civil law. Find out more about our services.

Legal Aid NSW was established in 1979, when it was known as the Legal Services Commission, before becoming the Legal Aid Commission of NSW in 1987. The Legal Aid Commission was renamed Legal Aid NSW in 2006. Find out more about our history.

We provide legal services across NSW through a statewide network of 25 offices, two satellite offices and 243 regular outreach locations. We offer telephone advice through our free legal helpline LawAccess NSW.

We work in partnership with private lawyers who receive funding from Legal Aid NSW to represent legally aided clients. We also work closely with community legal centres, the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) and pro bono legal services. We strive to support clients and improve access to justice through initiatives such as the Cooperative Legal Service Delivery Program and by supporting and administering funding for the state’s 29 Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services and 32 community legal centres. We collaborate with other agencies providing social and support services to disadvantaged and marginalised people, helping us deliver integrated services to address clients’ legal and non-legal needs. Find out more about our partners.

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