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Katherine Women’s Information & Legal Service (KWILS) is a specialist Women’s Legal Service based in Katherine, Northern Territory. KWILS acknowledges the Jawoyn, Wardaman and Dagoman people, and all Nations across the Big Rivers Region, as the Traditional Owners of the Country we live and work on. We particularly celebrate the strength of the women who have cared for their children, families, and country for countless generations, and continue to do so.

Our values are Respect, Empathy, Honesty, Continuous Improvement

Our Vision is a future where women and their children are safe, living with dignity and respect.

KWILS is a not-for-profit Community Legal Centre, providing all women in Katherine and the Big Rivers Region with free civil law advice and representation, with a particular focus on the reduction of domestic, family, and sexual violence (‘DFSV’).

In addition to individual legal assistance, KWILS provides Community Legal Education, and undertakes advocacy and law reform work, with a particular focus on addressing harmful societal and cultural practices, assumptions, behaviours and attitudes that contribute to gendered violence i.e. violence against women.


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