Exclusive Law Firm Partner and Senior Associate Roles

Job Description

Perth’s leading law firm Partner Recruitment Consultancy, Burgess Paluch is exclusively briefed with Partner and Senior Associate

  • International and local firms
  • Litigation, Corporate, Property, Employment, Construction, Insurance
  • Confidential, straight-forward advice for Partners / Senior Associates

Burgess Paluch has long had an outstanding reputation within the Perth legal community. Our networks and contacts have been built up over many years of continuous service by our Director. There is no other legal recruitment consultant in Perth who has been recruiting partners and merging firms as well or for as long.

We work with and have intimate knowledge of the cultures and clients within firms in Perth and across Australia, from boutiques that hold their own against the top tiers, to international juggernauts taking advantage of Australia’s proximity to Hong Kong, Singapore and China.  

We are currently under instruction from a number of law firms looking to develop their teams.  We have clients with more than half a practice currently being briefed outside of their own firm, who are looking for a senior lawyer. We also have internationally renowned and Eastern States firms establishing themselves in the Perth market, seeking high profile partners from top tier firms or partners with clients to bring.  We have options in corporate, litigation, property, insurance, employment, family, construction, energy & resources, commercial deals, capital markets, banking, and other areas.  

The current market for legal services shows clients having a great appetite for seeking value and quality. It makes now a very good time for lawyers with a following to be looking at what their options are.  You may ask yourself if you are in the right place to retain and grow your practice. Do you have the right support?  Are you attracting the right clients?  What are the roadblocks and is there another firm where they won’t exist?

Contact us today for confidential advice and an informed view of the market. We are able to offer succinct, honest and professional advice. Should you wish to take things further after that, we have the contacts.

Call  Doron Paluch, Director on 0438 004 445 for a confidential discussion or email [email protected]